Once, many humans came to this part of India with their guns and took a terrible toll.  This was called "The Great Slaughter".  Many years passed before humans were seen again, but return they did.  Now, human and animal find themselves vying for the same land, the Indian government bent on resettling villages into what was once jungle territory.  Clashes were inevitable, and they were becoming more frequent.

The animals of the jungle have found that they were unable to stand against the might of these powerful "Killers".  With more and more land being taken away from their habitat, they have begun to fight among themselves for what little resources are left.  But the supply of land and game is diminishing, and even the strong are no longer guaranteed survival.

Book IV in the Tigers' Quest series.

Starring Elliot Wong as Joshua

Jym DeNatale as Gangadhar

Lord Steven's The Final Quest.  Now available!


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